Fly-By Writer and 2012 Juried Workshop instructor Robin Black was the final reader at the 7th Annual Lit Fest & Book Fair.

Black’s story collection If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This, was published by Random House in 2010 to international acclaim by publications such as O. Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, The Irish Times and more. The stories, written over a period of eight years, focus on families at points of crisis and of growth. Her writing is very much influenced by her belief that the most compelling act of creativity in which we all participate is the daily manufacture of hope. Though the book can be seen as a study of loss, it is also a study of the miraculous ways in which people move forward from the inevitable challenges of life.

Robin is currently working on her first novel, which is about a mother who flees the strains and the judgments of her suburban community, taking her disabled daughter out into the country and away from it all. The book will also be published by Random House.