With Steven Schwartz, Lynn Wagner, and Steve Katz

After years in the trenches of the writing life, it’s not unusual to look back and take stock. Were there things that, had we known them, could have made life easier? Like, what about that fellowship you didn’t take? The fishing trip you did take? Was there a better method all along, something involving a yellow legal pad and Bic pens, exclusively? Join our panel of upbeat veterans as they talk about what they wish they’d known, so the rest of us might benefit.

The literary salon has been a tradition at Lit Fest, featuring three or more speakers with varying perspectives on a theme, along with audience participation. We used to hold these informal and dynamic evenings in private rooms at restaurants around town, but now we repurpose the Lighthouse Grotto with mood lighting, food, and drink to give it a speakeasy glow. A tradition arose last year in which salon attendees gathered on the wraparound porch for drinks prior to the session.