Editor’s Note: All this week, we’re sharing writing produced by residents of Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community, which provides recovery-oriented transitional housing, counseling, and services for homeless individuals.
Lighthouse is sending three writers-in-residence to Fort Lyon this year to help participants explore personal histories and provide a forum for practicing creative exploration. This piece was produced during writer-in-residence John Cotter’s stay at Fort Lyon in March. For more information about the Fort Lyon residency, click here.

By Casey Rodriguez

Today’s trials and tribulations are tested

Today’s life is lived leaving leftovers to learn from

Days ignite with fire fermented through twenty-four hour pages

Months manipulated by days numbered in sequence equal to the amount of a year

Minutes seeming minute broke down into seconds passing by

Seconds by seconds, minutes by minutes, days by days, months by months, years by years:

these are the tools we use to paint portraits of our lives.