Editor’s Note: All this week, we’re sharing writing produced by residents of Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community, which provides recovery-oriented transitional housing, counseling, and services for homeless individuals.
Lighthouse is sending three writers-in-residence to Fort Lyon this year to help participants explore personal histories and provide a forum for practicing creative exploration. This piece was produced during writer-in-residence John Cotter’s stay at Fort Lyon in March. For more information about the Fort Lyon residency, click here.

By Annie Bacon

Dear Subconscious,

I’m not willing to give you the reins of my life anymore. My years of taking council from your twisted patters of wisdom are coming to a close. You have become my adversary. You must be re-wired. If I could physically extricate you, I would stomp mercilessly on your presence. Then we would have a chat. Your unfavorable ideas have separated me from my family, physically hurt me, and have landed me where I reside today.

So let’s get started. My hope is to listen to my intuitive thoughts, my sixth sense. I’ve come to believe that the thoughts I think, the actions I take, and the words I speak have a way of circling back to me. But you already know that.

In my mind’s eye I have delightfully designed a picture of my new life. My thoughts will call this new life into existence. I am traveling to my destination with thoughts of hope illuminating my path. There is no place for your suggestions and advice on this voyage. Unless, dear subconscious, you have the courage to change.