Lighthouse novel instructor Cort McMeel, a highly energetic and entertaining writer, teacher, and person, talked about his forthcoming first novel, Short (Thomas Dunne Books).FYI: Cort brought a collection of fine whiskeys and scotch. Also a bonus, novelist and musician Rudy Melena provided some musical diversion.About Short, from the publisher’s website: “A voyeuristic tour through the fascinating subculture of high-powered energy traders, Short introduces us to the larger-than-life men and women who run our markets— people who inhabit a world of intense stress, unbelievable gluttony, and the consequences of making and losing tens of millions of dollars in a single day.”

Cort McMeel’s stories have appeared in Gettysburg Review, Mississippi Review and Chicago Quarterly Review. A graduate of the Columbia Writing Program, Cort was the founder of the acclaimed literary noir magazine, Murdaland.The Writer’s Buzz is a free community event sponsored by members of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Denver’s Independent Writing Center.